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Technology is the "set of theories and techniques that allow the practical use of scientific knowledge".

There is currently a wide repertoire of technological resources that facilitate the work of the lifeguard and increase the possibilities of more effective drowning prevention and safer and more efficient rescues: information points, applications, rescue boats and motorcycles, drones, rescue boards, buoys, rescue belts...

In this video you can see the technological advance in the rescue boat.

A boat used properly in a rescue, not only is beneficial for the safety and speed involved, but also allows the start of basic CPR techniques (if necessary) and the beginning of the assessment of the injured with the application of oxygen, thus taking advantage of an essential time.

There are already companies that are manufacturing specific boats for lifesaving, such as Vanguard Life Boat.

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In this other video you can also see how technology affects the conversion of paddle surf boards into rescue boards.

Lifeguards can very easily and effectively apply rescue techniques, even to large and heavy people.In the COVID-19 era, lifeguards must be committed to knowledge and training of up-to-date and effective techniques in which the handling of rescues is easier, but also safer to eliminate frontal exposure and prevent contagion.

For the safety of the rescued and for your own safety.Now more than ever rescue should de avoided because prevention works.

Uno de los ejemplos más evidentes de la influencia positiva de la tecnología en los Servicios de Socorrismo se puede apreciar en el Auxdron LFG.

En este vídeo se presentan testimonios de diferentes profesionales que destacan las ventajas de contar con un recurso material para la prevención del ahogamiento y el rescate. 

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